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PLD Rentals builds a strong relationship with each of its Dealers in order to keep a strong working partnership. As part of our mission as a company we work with our Dealers to promote business building strategies to capitalize on the growth opportunities. We understand that a Rent to Own business is not grown by the actual company who processes the rental agreements but is grown the Dealers and Customers who support it.

Rent to Own is an outstanding opportunity for Dealers to expand their business by offering their Customers an easy and affordable solution to purchasing one of their buildings. In today's economy it is much easier for a Customer to be able to afford the security deposit and first rental payment on a building then a down payment or full payment on a building. It is even easier to get approved for a Rent to Own purchase with a No Credit Check Guarantee versus going to a financial institution.

We want to expand our business by expanding yours, so contact us today about Rent-to-Own for your business.

PLD Rentals offers the following benefits to its Dealers:


Personal Relationship with our Representatives

PLD Rentals builds its business by the personal relationship between each Dealer and our Representatives.


Dealer Packet for every Dealer Sales Site

PLD Rentals provides a Guide to each Dealer Sales Site that contains helpful information to guide sales representatives on Rent to Own Sales. This packet includes basic contact information for our office, a step by step guide to filling our a Rent to Own agreement, Rent to Own agreements and other various reference tools. These are customized for each Dealer Sale Site to aid the sales representatives so that they are confident in making Rent to Own Sales.


Rent to Own Sales Support

PLD Rentals offers Support to every Dealer and every Dealer Sales Site. Our Representatives can be reached to help to answer questions when processing a Rent to Own Sale and to help answer any questions Customers have about the Rent to Own process.


Technology Support

PLD Rentals aids Dealers Sales Sites that have access to computer and internet capabilities with our Dealer Login Site on our website. This tool allows dealer sales representatives to login into their own personal Dealer Login Site and have access to Rent to Own agreements that they can fill in electronically. These electronic agreements will need basic input and will then calculate the Rent to Own Payment amount and fill in the agreement automatically. This feature will reduce processing time of Rent to Own agreements and help to reduce and eliminate errors on agreements.


Quick and Easy Instant Approval for Customers

PLD Rentals allows for Customers to be approved instantly once they fill out the Renters Application. By having this feature Dealer Sales Sites don't have to wait on financial institutions to approve the purchase. Every Customer is approved for a Rent to Own purchase once they fill out their application and make their security deposit and first rental payment.


No Credit Check Guarantee

PLD Rentals guarantees that no Customer will have a credit check when purchasing a building Rent to Own. This allows Customers to not have to worry about being denied a building purchase when deciding on Rent to Own.


Multiple Payment Options for Customers

PLD Rentals offers Customers multiple options for payment which allows them to easily purchase a building Rent to Own. Customers can use either cash, credit card or a direct ACH debit from their bank account. These payment options are used at the time of purchase and/or can be used when making their monthly rental payment. We also allow customers to setup recurring monthly payment with their credit card or ACH debit to make sure their payment is never late and they don't incur any late penalties on their account.


By offering our Rent to Own Option to your Customers you will help offer an easy and affordable solution of private storage for each customer in their own backyard and will help them to eliminate the never ending rental payments to an offsite storage provider. By helping your Customers you will in return increase your sales and growth as a business.

**If you are a current dealer sales site and would like to have a dealer login, please contact us today to get started.


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